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Technology For Online Selling Business
Does your company sell any products or services? Looking to expand your business online? Having problem keeping track customer order? Not sure how to collect money through online channel ( for example paypal, payment gateway )? Need quick and easy way to maintain a website?

Can you keep track of your customer loyalty points and reward them online? Do you have business idea that require technology to make it happen?

Technology For Company

Does your company having a lot of sales agents, dealers, customers? How do I keep track sales from agents, dealers, customers? Would you like to keep your customer information accurate and up to date? I have large amount of information. Do you have better way to maintain it without spreadsheet?

Customer data can not afford to lose, we can help you. Keep customers by growing relationships with online tools, how? We have the solution.

Technology For Enterprise

Does your company would like to do something differently? How to outsource technical research and development for my company? Can we provide system to increase our customer satisfaction? Do you have any system that can improve employee productivity? Does your employee do a lot of paperwork?

Does your company need affordable, rapidly deployed solution that is completely customisable to fit your business processes? We can help you.

Industried We Served

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  • E-Commerce

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  • Oil & Gas

  • Mobile Apps

  • Insurance

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  • Technology

Ready Made Business Solution

We are offering a wide range of business solution system for start-up, existing and growing businesses including a) Website Management System, b) Online Catalog System, c) Online Shopping and Payment Integration Solution and many more.

Customise Development Service

We offer customise development service for online web-based application and mobile application. Using Java, PHP, C++ as the development language platform and Mysql, SQLite as the database storage platform.

Technology Resource and Development Outsourcing

We provide outsourcing services in latest technology research and development. Always welcome to share your idea with us and find out whether the idea can become reality.
Paperless Workflow System For Banner Printer

Customise workflow system for a banner printer to manage the entire company process. From customer service department, artwork department until delivery department was monitored. The solution includes customer relationship management (CRM), customer payment tracking, order tracking, employee performance tracking and so on.

Online Catalog, Shopping And Payment Integrated Solution For Bag Manufacturer

Online shopping or online retailing is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services over the Internet without an intermediary service. 

Sales Agent And Retail Management System For A Product Distribution Company

Provided a sales management system for product distribution company. That allow the company to monitor an individual sales agent or a retail shop sales performance. Feature includes commissional base processing, online stock ordering, sales referral programme and so on.